Who are we ?

FulcrumHR is the one of the first HR companies in the Middle East, who specialize in Reward. We offer consultancy and services in all that’s to do with pay practices in the region. From Industry specific insights, Research, Consultation and Operational delivery. We aim to be the number one Reward firm in the region. We recognize unique reward challenges, understand the pay practices in the region and wouldlike to provide solutions which are realistic to this market.

About Us

Its been proven that salary and compensation is one of the key factors for employee engagement. Achieving balance between fair pay and competitiveness is important to ensure engagement as well as bottom-line. This is especially important given current economicchallenges and decrease in opportunities.A lack of competitive position can create disengagement among employees, which can lead to both unwanted turnover and trouble attracting critical-skill talent. Changing landscape across the world makes Middle East attractive for talent and hence it is important to achieve balance between cost, considering the risk associated with the decisions made.

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Pavithra is a renowned reward professional with more than 12 years of experience, exclusively in reward. Her skills and experience are underpinned by a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Mathematics and also the “Chartered Member” certification by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Focused on reward throughout her career of 12 years, majority of that time being in the Middle East, helping businesses to take best investment decisions over employee cost. She has led multiple projects worth millions of dollars and has proven track record of ROIs. She has been involved in influencing and supporting all layers of employee base within the organisation up to C level / Senior Executives/Remuneration Committee.

She has experience across various industries like Aviation, Construction,Defence, Engineering, Facilities Management, Information Technology, Government/Semi-Government sectors, Oil & Gas, Rail, Services and Transportation. She enjoys understanding the nuances of a business and collaborating with both internal/external professional teams to drive optimal and efficient result.


Reward Consulting

Bonus | Incentives | Pay review | HR Policies | Job Evaluation

We provide consulting on all aspects of reward from providing independent third-party consultation on your current reward policies, designing pay structures, grading system and bonus / incentive scheme, managing your current project or conducting audit on your current policies. Let us know what you need?

Compensation Survey

Salary | Benefits | Incentives | Annual Reviews

Our aim is to conduct surveys with latest technology and keep it affordable for all kind of businesses. We are currently running quarterly snapshot on pay increases and looking forward to introducing annual compensation surveys by 2020 based on the participation levels. In addition, we can partner with you to create focused research in your peer group on pay practices.

Pricing Strategy

Bidding | RFP | Workshops | Modelling | Manpower cost

Are you bidding for a new project in the middle east? Are you looking for a winning formula you’re your manpower plan and talent costs? Are you worried about your insurance cost reaching the roof, when you are bidding in a high-risk geography? Are you sure you have covered all the costs related to Insurance policies, Manpower planning, Spare resources, Variable costs in your RFP and are putting the best bid forward? We can help you in providing more insights into your Best and Final Offer, to make it cutting edge, comprehensive and winning bid submission.


Global | Regional | Relocation | Repatriation

With our experience of working in large MNCs in the Middle East, we know the importance of specific mobility policies for the region for your high performing and agile talent. Implementation of appropriate and well-written policies are key in attracting, retaining and moving talent from other parts of the world or moving within the region. From complexity of hypertaxation to total global income, relocation of goods, and settling-in cost challenges are never ending for new recruits and ease of such process become a very important part of retention of high performing talents within the company. We will help you define the relevant policies and structure a comprehensive process for your global mobility.

Training Academy

Webinars | Training | Forum | Workshops

Reward professionals across the globe believe in sharing best practices.So do we. Hence we would like to contribute to the growing need of experienced Reward talent in the Middle East region. We will be investing in multiple initiatives to bring the professionals together and learn through various experts in the field, at an affordable cost. Should you wish to be a part of any such events, do register your details on “Contact Us” page.


Research is one of the key part of compensation studies to understand the what and how about various reward policies and practices. This helps

Pay Review Snapshot

Provides snapshot of actual salary review policy implemented in the previous year and forecasted/budgeted number for upcoming performance year. This survey is reelased quarterly and the results will be published within a month of the release. Survey is free of cost and you will receive copy of the results on participation only.

Benefits Review

Provides high level benchmarking information on majority of reward policies currently under use. Survey will be released in July every year and will be free for participants.

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HR professionals in the Middle East

With benchmarking of various wider HR aspects, this study also specially focuses on C&B professionals in the middle east. To help understand current trends and provides insight to business needs from C&B teams. This research will include various Head of HR as well C&B professional and the report will be released by end of 2019. Currently under conceptualization and will be released as soon as its ready.

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